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Peru Intensive 2017 Itinerary
June 21 - July 3
Day 1: Travel day to Lima
Day 2: Travel day Lima -> Cusco -> Pisaq
Day 3: Explore the archaeological sites around Pisaq (San Pedro)
  • Day 4: Tipon
    (overnight in
    Cusco):       15th-
    century Inca ruin   
    situated inside the
    Sacred Valley, 3,400
    meters above sea
    terraces irrigated by
    a network of water

  • Day 5: Chinchero
    (overnight in Cusco)
Pisac - pre-Inca ruins and Inca terraces
The store houses of
Ollantaytambo (Inca period)
Grains kept at ~9000 ft in the dry
mountain climate.
Chinchero - Chinchero is located high at 3762 m about 30km from
Cusco, on the road to Urubamba and the Sacred Valley. There are
magnificnet sceneries and landscapes, with views overlooking the
Sacred Valley of the Incas. The Cordillera Vilcabamba and the
snow-capped peak of Salkantay dominate the western horizon.
Chinchero is believed to be the mythical birthplace of the rainbow.
  • Day 6 - 10: Cachora ...
    don Theo's lovely
    retreat. Hiking,
    horses, ceremony,
    and a beautiful
    Spanish architecture
    hacienda nestled in
    the mountains. You
    won't want to leave!
    There will be  plant
    ceremonies with San
    Pedro and Ayahuasca.

  • Day 11: homeward
    bound .. Cachora to

  • Day 12: Silchilcani -
    archaeological site;
    farewell dinner

  • Day 13: Flight - Cuso
    to Lima
  • The massive terracing system was created by the Inca and is one
    of the finest examples of their technical mastery. However, most
    archaeologists and guides either don’t know about, or dismiss the
    megalithic works that pre-date the Inca terraces by thousands of
Pisac, a word of
Quechua origins,
means “partridge”.
Inca tradition dictated
building cities in the
shape of birds and
animals, and as such,
Pisac is partridge
shaped. The Inca ruins
included a military
citadel, religious
temples, and
individual dwellings,
and overlooks the
Sacred Valley, between
the Salkantay
Mountains. It is
thought that Písac
defended the southern
entrance to the Sacred
Valley and controlled a
route which connected
the Inca Empire with
the border of the rain
Pisac - pre-Inca ruins and Inca terraces
Three Amigos (Deborah, Pepe
and don Theo) at don Theo's
villa in Cachora (what a view)
Deborah and Dr. John
Franklin at the Cachora villa
of don Theo -->
Jim & Deborah
framed by
glacier and mountains
don Theo
(Dr. Theo Paredes)
our shaman
Experience ancient
mysteries, shamanic
and historical
with Dr. Theo
" experience has contributed more to our personal
healing, expansion of awareness and consciousness and
development along the shamanic path then our studies and
travels with don Theo and Pepe in Peru .."
                                                                   Jim and Deborah
This years trip is an
"Intensive Journey" to
focus on our
relationship with the
plant medicine as
healing agents and
Spirit Guides.
Additionally we will
explore our
relationship to the
unseen worlds of
Nature to experience
more of who we are,
and to midwife our
power and potentials
into our daily reality.